Our Activities




An enthusiastic buyer collects his/her favorite craft item very fondly. But because of season change, lacking the knowledge of proper usage and care can degrade the product. The product’s color starts to change and tough stains like rust forms. Apart from delivering and making luxury products for the buyer Karukotha will assist in the care of the collector’s products. The buyer will be able to contact Karukotha regarding any cooperation about the product.


Event Management: 

During Pohela Boishakh, marriage ceremony or any other cultural program ,Karukotha will decorate  his/her home, office at a reasonable price . Artists from Karukotha can help in these situations. Anyone can call us at any social festival or event.


Arrange Exhibition:

 Many small and big handicrafts fair can be seen in various places. But many craftsmen do not know how to display his/her works internationally. On the other hand many do not have the means, financial support or the experience. For that Karukotha is working on helping to give a chance to all the craftsmen and their works to be exhibited nationally and internationally. Anyone interested can contact us.